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What is a water damage restoration service and how to avoid getting one in the first place?

What is it?

Water damage restoration is a process in which a professional company helps you mitigate the damages done by water. These include mold growth, structural damage, odor, and more. In this article, we will discuss how professionals can help you with water damage repair. But first, we will see the types of water damage and what are the common causes. This will help you to avoid the damage in the first place. 

Types of water damages

Leakages in plumbing

One of the most common causes of water damage in homes is leaking plumbing. It could be a leak in your sink or a leak in a pipe in the ceiling. These leaks are hidden and often go unnoticed. Although small, they can do massive damage because people aren’t aware of these until the damages start to show up. By then it’s too late to avoid damage. It is recommended to use quality materials when getting your plumbing installed. Also, try to get a thorough inspection by a plumber, once a year. 


Flooding is devastating to your property. It will leave your property filled with flood water, which if not removed in time, can cause permanent damage. You cannot avoid a flood but you can get emergency water damage restoration services. Other than that, you can only pray to not get in the floodway. 

Indoor flooding due to burst pipes

Unlike massive floods, indoor flooding can be avoided. The most common causes of indoor flooding are overflowing toilets or a burst pipe. Whatever the cause is, such a situation is a nightmare for any homeowner. Indoor flooding will fill your house with water in no time. It’s recommended to call a professional and in the meantime try to block the source of water. If the flow is normal, you might be able to block it or decrease the flow by wrapping it with any plastic sheet. If you can, try to stuff the opening of the pipe with lots of plastic bags or plastic sheets. The water might push it outwards but by applying pressure with your hand, you will be able to reduce the water flow drastically. Also, try to remove as much water as you can from your house. You can also call the nearest professional to help you with the water removal

HVACs and other cooling systems.

Another common cause is the water from HVACs and other cooling systems. These cooling systems are often placed on the roofs or in areas of the home that we do not access every day. Because of that, we are unable to notice the mold and mildew growth around these systems. Water from HVACs and ACs will slowly seep into the structure and the surrounding area. Apart from providing an ideal place for organism growth, this slow seeping of water can also inflict extensive damage to your house structure. Fortunately, it can be easily avoided by regularly checking your water drains and removing any sort of blockages. 

How can a professional help you in restoration?

In some cases, you might be able to restore your place with simple drying and cleaning. But in most cases, you will need the help of a company that provides residential & commercial water damage restoration services. These companies have experienced professionals who know how to deal with such situations. Also, they are fully equipped with the right tools and equipment that are needed for restoration. Below we will discuss some of the ways they can help you and what are the benefits you will be getting. 

Getting rid of mold and mildew

Mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and the growth of other unwanted organic lifeforms are obvious results of water damage. Professionals are equipped with specialized brushes and cleaning solutions to thoroughly remove the mold. They use chemicals to make sure that there are no chances for the regrowth of these organisms. They also use vacuums to extract all the pores and eradicate all the mold colonies from your premises.

Helping in removing massive amounts of water

Hiring a professional is almost a necessity in case of flooding or a burst pipe. They are equipped with industry-standard, powerful pumps that can pump tons of water in a matter of seconds. These are especially helpful if you have your basement filled with water. No home equipment can compare the power and efficiency of these powerful pumps. 

Drying process

The next crucial step after water extraction is the drying of the affected area. Most of the things in our house, including the house itself are made up of wood. Water damage starts almost instantly when water comes in contact with the wood. Removing water isn’t enough. Professionals are equipped with air movers that blow air onto the affected area. These air blowers or movers can also be used to blow air into confined and difficult-to-reach areas. This increases the drying process. Not only that, they will also use dehumidifiers. These are special machines that are placed in the affected house and are designed to absorb as much water as possible.  Most of the companies can also help you in restoring your carpets and sofas. All this will ensure that there are no damages to the wooden furniture and structure.


In some the where flood water and sewer water are involved, it’s extremely important to get it disinfected. These water sources bring a lot of germs and different sorts of contamination. Certified experts are aware of the health hazards of these materials and are fully prepared to deal with them. They have the right set of cleaning solutions and disinfectants to effectively remove all sorts of contaminated material from your property. 


Water damages are normal and instead of panicking, we should be prepared to deal with them. The best way is to avoid them in the first place. Following the precautionary measures above will safeguard you from majority of the water-related issues. If in case, you still get affected, then the best course of action is to contact a professional. It’s also crucial to contact the professionals in time because if the water stays for longer, the Damage will get worse. 

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